Best Places to Buy a Mattress: 2016 Guide

Best Places to Buy a Mattress: 2016 Guide

After a long tiring day all we need is our bed. A good mattress can add a cherry on the cake. We can all understand what a mattress means for us. It must be the one which relaxes us and give us a heaven feeling. Buying a mattress is an issue here.

Many questions dance in our mind when we decide to buy a new mattress. How? From where? Of what cost?  There are some factors to be considered while buying a mattress. Among them, most important factors are support and comfort level of the mattress.

Some people wait for the “Sale” day of the year to get their mattress at a cheap price. It doesn’t mean that higher price mattresses are best. Once bought it is not that much easy to return your mattress. You may have to lose your money for returning the mattress after the trial period.  Mattress’s firmness may differ with their brand name.

Buy Mattress offline

You must be thinking that buying mattress offline is always better than buying them online. You think that you can check the mattress physically in the shop to know its quality, texture, and comfort.

But I want to ask you one thing, is that five minutes in the shop are enough to judge the mattress? Will you find out how the mattress will be after few days or a month? No! We can’t find out mattress comfort level by judging them for few hours also.

It will be always better to go through reviews of the mattresses provided online rather than judging them in the shop. At shops, we don’t ask each and every detail about mattress which we must know.

Shopkeeper also never pays attention to tell you every single detail. But if you browse online retailer you will get all the details there. Another issue with offline shopping is the availability of all the models and all the colors. Online you can get all color option to choose from.

If the mattress of your favorite color is already sold, you have to compromise with some other color from available ones. If you shop online there is no issue of such compromises.

Buy Mattress Online

Buying mattress from online retailers is a good choice. It is one of the perfect furniture items to buy online. If you decide a brand name to buy a mattress, it will be easier for you to buy a mattress online. Lots of retailers will be available for you for the same brand. You can then choose among them to get the best price and model.

You can also go through reviews of the mattress online before buying them. You can make your decisions after listening to others who have purchased that product. Based on their reviews you can trust that brand for their quality and comfort.

  • Layla Sleep INC

After hundreds of experiments by experts to combine foam and spring, experts experimented a foam mattress which contains copper pipes in it.

The focused group and experts found that the mattress gives the most possible support and it was too comfortable. This experiment resulted in Layla Sleep mattress.

Most of the users complained about airflow through the mattress; but Layla solved their problem. It has a complete package of airflow, cooling, support and comfort. With Layla mattress ensures that the person will be healthy and fit.

Layla Sleep mattress is infused with copper. Many people use copper bracelets which help in improving their blood circulation. Copper also has the property of emitting antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. With this added copper this mattress improves the blood circulation and very good for people having joint pain.

This mattress will give you a cool sleep with its thermogel cover. Copper pipes are also known for their property of being icy cool. As this mattress has infused copper, its coolness will also be an additional feature of mattress.

Layla has two different sides. It has one firm side and other one is soft side. You have a choice to select the side as per your comfort. As it has a firm side, you can place the mattress directly on the floor also. The best thing about the mattress is its lifetime warranty. But the warranty does not concern with any burns, tears, rips or stains. It is a recommendable mattress. But if don’t care about the infused copper or such features it is not worth to invest in this mattress.

  • Bear mattress

Bear mattress is the package at affordable prize. Bear mattress is engineered with the two topmost technologies. First is advanced foam and second is Celliant technology. Celliant is found to be more hybrid engine than a simple textile.

Manufacturers reported that they have done a deep research with an expert from all over the world to manufacture a mattress which is universally comfortable.  Bear mattresses are claimed to improve your sleep.

These mattresses also contribute to your energy build up. The Celliant used in Bear mattress recycles the heat produced by body and results in something which can be called as infrared energy which boosts your body.

With this infrared energy, fibers of Celliant also promote your blood circulation which increases oxygen level in your body. This increases oxygen level helps in healing and fast recovery from injuries.

Bear mattresses has Graphite- gel infused memory foam. This material offers heat conduction with the combination of open cell, high air flow foam and graphite particles. This combination provides 7 times better conductivity than normal memory foams. The foam material reacts to the pressure quickly which gives it a bounce property. This bounce gives minimum slope for body resting on mattress and helps in proper spine alignment.

This mattress has advanced memory foam and use of latest technology. It ensures comfort with the blend of superior quality materials. It recovers muscles pain in few hours. It is the best mattress for people who practice athletics. Bear mattress ensure more restful sleep, temperature regulation, durability and muscle recovery features.

  • Winkbed

Winkbed are the online startup company which manufactures and sell high-end hybrid mattresses. They sell mattresses online only. This removed the cost of middleman to make the mattress more affordable. Winkbed is manufactured with five different layers. It is a coil-on-coil mattress having a thickness of about 15 inches. Coil-on-coin technology gives better support, comfort and also the durability needed for mattress. The top layer of Winkbed is called euro-style pillow top. This layer has a feel of traditional pillow tops but manufacturers claims its durability.

The top layer is 2 inches thick. It contains Hyper-Soft foam and gel. The top layer contours your body, gives breathability, and has cooling feature and maintained shape. The second layer of Winkbed is 2.5 inches thick. It is called as foam-encased coils. This layer gives the airflow and breathability in the mattress. This layer creates support which can relieve pressure. This second layer helps in evaporation of moisture and sweat. The third layer of the

This layer creates support which can relieve pressure. This second layer helps in evaporation of moisture and sweat. The third layer of the Winkbed is edge support system layer. This layer helps you to use edges of the mattress. Edges will never sink like other traditional mattresses. You will not sink from edges. Now you can easily watch tv or play games sitting on edges of

Edges will never sink like other traditional mattresses. You will not sink from edges. Now you can easily watch tv or play games sitting on edges of mattress without collapsing. Fourth layer of steel coil support provides consistent support, distribute your weight equally. Bottom layer gives the foam foundation for the mattress.

Winkbed gets the 6 out of 10 score in terms of its comfort and support. The top layer is so comfortable, and mattress prevents sinkage by distributing weight throughout the mattress.

  • Live and sleep

Live and sleep mattress are attractive, has superior quality and are well designed. Live and sleep is 10-inch thick mattress. They are manufactured with three layers. Top layer of live and sleep mattress provides comfort and cooling to your body. This top layer is 2 inches thick. It contains premium quality memory foam. This premium foam gives more breathability and cooling than traditional memory foam.

This premium foam gives more breathability and cooling than traditional memory foam. Middle layer of Live and sleep mattress contains Energex foam. This layer helps in contouring complete body and giving comfort. This layer also gives relief from pressure.

This layer also gives relief from pressure. Top layer and middle layer together give comfort to the body. The last bottom layer of live and sleep made up of dense foam. It is 7-inch thick layer. This layer gives foundation for the base of mattress.

Live and sleep has a polyester blend cover. The cover is manufactured with a white fabric which is built from rayon, polyester, and Lycra blend. The cover is easy to remove. It has a green trim over its edges. The green trim is actually a zipper which makes it easy to remove the cover. The cover has a modern look.

You will feel fresh after waking up on live and sleep. It is made up of memory foam which contours your body shape perfectly. It is an eco-friendly mattress as it has minimum use of chemicals. It has an open cell technology which ensures the breathability of mattresses. High-density base gives you full support. Live and sleep scores 6.5 out of 10.

  • Endy Sleep

Endy mattress is made up of foam with three different layers. The Top layer is 2 inches thick. Top layer is gel infused with memory foam. This memory weight approximately three pounds. This infused gel absorbs the heat produced by body. It gives you the comfort with memory foam. The gel at the top helps to absorb and maintain temperature of your body. This keeps the surface of mattress always cool.

This keeps the surface of mattress always cool. Middle layer of foam acts as a transition between first layer and last layer. This layer is 3 inches thick and made up of foam. Last layer i.e. bottom layer has a high-density foam. Its thickness is about 5 inches. It provides complete support and strong base for the mattress. The base is made up of high-density foam but then also it ensures breathability of the mattress.

Endy sleep has the cover built from fabric of quilted polyester. Side panels of the mattress are grey in color. The top fabric is too soft. The cover is quite thick. The cover is durable as it has a polyester fabric. The fabric is also easy to wash and maintain. Cover is removable but you can’t wash it in machine. Endy sleep gets the 7 points out of 10 for its firmness. Mid-range weight people will feel slight firmness with the Endy sleep, while light sleeper can feel if mattress is solid. Endy sleep has full marks in terms of support. It gives good support at the edges also.

  • Nolah Sleep INC

Nolah mattress contains memory foam material. The Nolah sleep is manufactured with Nolah foam. This Nolah foam is created with billions of microscopic air pockets. These air pockets improve breathability of the mattress. Because of memory foam, Nolah sleep mattress users reported slow response problem. They also felt the mattress hot while sleeping.

Nolah sleep comes at your doorstep with 120 night trial period. You can return the mattress by contacting the manufacturers through their website. While buying Nolah Sleep mattress you can adopt one animal. This is strange but true. You can choose animal from their website itself. Within a week after buying Nolah sleep mattress you will receive an official certificate of adoption of the animal you chose from Defenders of wildlife organization.

Top layer of Nolah sleep is of Nolah foam. The second layer is of Avena foam. Avena foam is similar to Latex foam. It is very breathable foam material. When you lay down on Nolah sleep you can feel a quick pressure relief. It gives more quick comfort than the traditional foams. Nolah sleep is truly an innovation in mattress industry of foam mattress. Nolah foam keeps you cool at night and Avena foam gives the bounce like latex foam. You can change your sleep position with ease.

This one is best option for side sleepers. It makes you feel cool by maintaining your body temperature. This is the exclusively sold mattress online. Stomach sleepers can also buy this mattress as it is easy to push down this mattress. It is similar to memory foam mattresses.


I can summarize that buying mattress online is always a better option that buying it from any shop offline. Read the reviews and specifications in detail available online to buy the perfect mattress suitable for you. Shopkeeper may not mention every little detail about the mattress when you go to their shop. But you can get each and every detail about that mattress online. With this fact we can say that, it would be a transparent shopping when you buy from online retailer. If you mention your needs to a retailer online, he can give you a list of mattresses you can select among.

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I am a mattress expert who is in this industry since 2004. I have consulted many industrialists to select the best mattress for their villas and luxury homes. I am here to help you select best mattress for your needs.

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