Best Mattress Buying Guide For 2017

Choosing best mattress for you is really a tough job. You can find a hundred models to when you go decide to buy a mattress. But you need to buy what is fit for you. Some people supports luxury and some people are suffering from a backache or neck ache. So different people have different criteria to select their mattress. Even the price should support your pocket also.

How to choose the best mattress?

As I told you choosing a mattress for your bedroom is a really difficult thing.Atleast for me its like climbing a mountain and why won't it be as I have to see my comfort while sleeping. 😉

Do you know, there are 4 types of mattress with can find on the market –

  • Innerspring Mattress
  • Foam Mattress
  • Latex Mattress
  • Air-filled Mattress
  • Bouncy bed with innerspring

If you want a bouncy bed then you can go for an innerspring mattress. You can select how bouncy your mattress will be. You can find metal coils are gauged from 12 to 18. Usually, fatty people like ticker support. Sometimes you can find the coils in the mattress are interconnected to each other and sometimes pocket coils can be found.

The innerspring mattress comes up with foam outer layer or fiberfill. But you should not select thick pillow if you need uber-plush feel.

Bed with foam based mattress

If you don't like more bouncy bed then you can for a foam mattress. You need to know two things for judging its quality. 1) the thickness (varies from 2 to 6 inches) of the foam's layer and 2) the density of the foam.

Bed with Latex Mattress

Latex Mattress as similar as foam mattress if you look its firmness, but a little bit high springy than a foam mattress. You can find natural Latex Mattress which are synthetic and anti-microbial. Usually, this type mattress can be used for 20yrs or more than 20yrs.

You can get two types of Latex one is Dunlop Latex and other is Talalay Latex. Dunlop Latex is heavier than Talalay Latex but the Latex is lighter than Dunlop.

Air-Filled Mattress

If you want to use a customized mattress then you can choose Air-filled Mattress. You can find see rubber chambers or air-filled vinyl in the mattress. For this mattress, you have a remote to control how much air you want to keep in this. Many air-filled mattresses have two chambers side by side. If you For this the mattress is customized for two sides of your bed and the top section of the mattress is like innerspring.

These are the 4 types of the mattress you can find on the market and before going to buy a mattress for you should know what is safe for your back.

Top 5 Best Rated Mattress Reviews and 2016 Mattress Ratings Guide

Do you want to know who provides the best mattress in 2016? Which brands are not performing properly. We will make a list. So see which mattresses are best according to our review. You can get new technologies and trends in every year. So if you don't buy a mattress still now, so you need to do more research before buying it.

Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress 20-Year Warranty

I am really impressed with SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress. This is the product of Sleep Innovation. This 12-Inch SuperTemp Memory Foam Mattress is very comfortable for sleeping.This mattress is good in design with an affordable price that can grab more buyers for it.

You can find various features in this mattress but the features do not make you use difficult. This mattress comes withstandard sheet. So you can easily sleep on this mattress in your way.

Basically, it is a foam based mattress. So you can find 3lb viscoelastic foam layer and 2 lb base layer in this mattress. Two things have been focused when the company manufactures this mattress. One is stability and other is a comfort.


Ultimate Dreams 13-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Ultimate Dreams Memory Foam Mattress is a gel foam based mattress. In the top 3 inches layer of this mattress fill with foam gel. So the shape of your bed can be altered if you move anywhere of the bed when you sleep. The next two inches layer is 5lb base foam and after this layer, 8inches is also base foam. This mattress is covered with a soft sheet. All the parts of this mattress are made in USA.

Within 24 hours this mattress will be adjusted with your room temperature. After that, it will be ready to use.

Dream Foam Ultimate Dream

Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze 12-inch GEL King Memory Foam Mattress

If you want to sleep on a little hot mattress, then Cool Breeze 12 inches Gel King Memory Foam Mattress is the best choice for you. This mattress is manufactured byDynastry Mattress. You can find this Mattress in Twin XL, California King, King, RV Short King, Full, and Twin. You can sleep comfortably on this cool mattress.

It has four different layers in this mattress. On top, you can 5 inches layer is base foam and the next three inches layers are HD Gel foam. This mattress is coming with 120days trial option and you can get 30 years warranty if you buy this.


Serta Perfect Sleeper Stanberry Firm Mattress

The Perfect Sleeper Stanberry Firm Mattress is a product of Serta. The top of the mattress is filled with Cool Twist Gel and warm temperature will be diverted from your body. This mattress offers flex free innerspring technology which more comfortable than other innerspring mattress.

With this mattress you can sleep healthy and due to gel the mattress can adjust to your body when you sleep. On this mattress, you can sleep comfortably throughout the night and when you wake up in the morning you never experience neck or back pain. So, we can say this Stanberry Firm Mattress is a latest innovation of Setra.

Serta Perfect Sleeper

Beautyrest Recharge World Class Manorville Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress Set

This Manorville Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress is designed with coils technology. This product is made byBeaytyrest. If you don't want to compromise the comfort, then you can go for this mattress. The top layer is air cool memory foam. The sleeping surface is covered with a soft material which can protect your skin when you sleep.

When you sleep on this mattress your body heat will be circulated and the sleeping zone will be cool throughout your sleep. With air cool memory foam the mattress also controls your body temperature and make a comfort zone on the mattress. So this mattress is good for everyone who want to wake up fresh without any body ache.

Types of Mattresses

What is the Best Bed to Buy? 😉

Selecting the best mattress is not easy. There are so many mattress companies your find on the market. You can find different features in the different mattress. Basically, you buy your mattress based on color, sometimes you do not judge the comfort. But I suggestyou to see the color as well as judge comfort.

Suppose you buy a mattress with your favorite color but it develop your back ache. So your money will go in vain and you accuse the mattress. So before purchasing a mattress you should research on it. You can get the facility for researching online or when you go to a mattress shop ask the retailers about the different mattress. They will help you to buy a mattress which is fit for you.

-> Dual-Purpose Beds

Dual-Purpose beds are very useful. You can see two different categories in one mattress. You use it as a sofa as well as bed one is a sofa and other is a bed. So it can be utilized for the dual purpose. People use it in their living quarter if there is little space. You can also fold it and keep it anywhere. When gust visits your home then you can use it sitting purpose or sleeping purpose. It has very thin layer and weak spring, so I recommend you not to use this as your primary bed.

-> Pillow Top Bed

Pillow Top Mattress
Pillow Top Mattress

An extra layer of a cushion is found in pillow Top bed and this bed helps you to sleep comfortably throughout the night. This type of beds is ideal for the person who is suffering from backache. The Pillow Top bed is softer than other mattresses. You can get some pillow top beds are found with extra soft on top and provide softness entire mattress. So if you find any mattress with extra softness, then pillow top beds is perfect for you. Don't worry you can get this mattress in different colors.

-> Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring Mattress
Innerspring Mattress

Innersprings are basically a common mattress. Coils are found in these mattresses. In innerspring mattresses either the coils are kept individually or they are interconnected to each other. The number of coils will be varied for different brands. Usually, more coils get better support. If you like a bouncy bed then you can select innerspring mattress for your use. Basically, heavier people is like this mattress. Even it will help to get relief from back pain. This mattress will allow you to sleep comfortably on it.

-> Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress
Memory Foam Mattress

The Memory Foam Mattress is older than another mattress, but still people more like it than other mattresses. This mattress can adjust itself to your body when you sleep. With this mattress, you experience a comfortable sleep and it can reduce your pain also. You can find different layers of foam in the mattress and all the layers work together. The more thing is the mattress can adjust the temperature. But sometimes people complain that due to this adjustment, they feel the heat.

-> Air Beds

Air mattress comes with rubber chambers and you can consider this mattress as your primary bed. In the air bed, there are two sides and each side can adjust individually. The air mattress meets the desire of firmness. You can get a remote to control how much air you want to feel in the rubber chambers. This mattress also comes with innerspring but you don't find coils in this mattress.

-> Adjustable Beds

Usually, Adjustable bed can be found in the hospital. This bed is used for a bed-ridden person or who are suffering from different body aches. With the adjustable bed, the patient can easily watch the T.V. while he/she lie on the bed. The adjustable beds come with different materials like innerspring, foam, air and latex.

-> Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattress as similar as memory foam mattress and you also can feel a little bit bouncy with this mattress. It supports more firmness as well as you don't find any heat issue with this mattress. The Latex Mattress is made with synthetic or natural latex rubber. So if you find any comfortable and supportive mattress, then Latex is perfectly fitted with your choice.

-> Cheap Mattresses

Basically, people look for those mattresses which are comfortable as well as the price of the mattresses is fitted with their budget. You also consider color when you buy a mattress. You can find comfortable and supportive mattress on the market with affordable price. So you don't need to sacrifice comfort even you pay a low cost for the mattress. So first set your budget and your requirements then go to the market. You must get your mattress with your own budget.

>>>> Steps to buying a mattress

When you step into the market to buy a mattress you can find many verities. So before purchasing a mattress you should ask the shopkeeper some questions related to a mattress. When you fully confident that which one is fit for you, then invest money. Otherwise, your money will go in vain if you do not the right mattress for you.

1. Search Online

Purchasing a mattress is not hassle free. So before visiting a mattress shop to buy a mattress, you should search online. Every company is coming new technology and new features. So you must have a clear idea which mattress is suitable for you. You can check some online reviews . In those reviews, you can get ideas about the prices, features of a mattress with company names. Online reviews also tell you which mattress is suitable for you. So when you go to a shop, you clearly tell the salesman what kind of mattress you are looking for.

2. Look for discount

Sometimes you can find the news of sale is running in a different shop. You can get this news from the newspaper or online. If you buy your mattress on sale, you can save some money and can get an exclusive mattress with low price.

3. Ask your doctor

If you are suffering from back pain, then all mattresses are not suitable for you. Some mattress is good for back pain when you use those mattresses you can get rid of the pain. But some mattresses are not good for back pain. Even some materials which are used in the mattress, increase the allergies. So ask you, physicians, to suggest you what kind mattress you should buy.

4. Test your bed yourself

If you go to a shop for buying a mattress then you can lie down for 10 mins on the mattress which is decided to purchase by you. 10 mins can help you to understand whether this mattress aligns with back pain or worse for it. I know it feels awkward when you lie on the mattress in a shop but later you will appreciate you and my ideas to buy the best mattress for you. When you go to a shop salesman always try to build pressure on us to buy a particular thing, we are convinced sometimes even we don't need that thing. But do make this wrong when you buy for a mattress. So test your bed before buying.

5. Make you can get warranties and guarantees

Is warranty not offered to you when you buy a mattress? You want to use the mattress for many years after purchasing. Don't buy without warranty. You should not purchase a mattress with less than 10 years warranty. Even you can find some beds which are come with comfort guarantee or 30 days money back guarantee. So always judge warranty and guarantee before purchasing mattress.

6. Compare with another mattress

Compare features, compare brands even compare each type with every brand, You can get the comparisons online but when you go shopping for purchasing the shop will come various mattresses. So you will be confused. Test you bed even you can test more than 10 beds before selecting one. Don't be hurry. Take your time. Select the best bed for you.

7. Measure Limit of your room

Before going to a shop you first measure the dimension of your room. Suppose a queen size bed is fit for your room, but when you enter the shop, the salesman insist you buy a king size bed and you buy it. That's not perfect.

8. Online Shopping

Many people like to shop online even they also try to buy a mattress online. You also can follow this trend. Online shopping can save your time or you can get a discount when you shop online. Even it can help you to buy a mattress from a retailer which is not in your area.

9. Researching

Research is most important work before buying a mattress. So spend some time and do online research. You can get the ideas about brands, technologies, features, materials etc. It can save your money and time.

10. Search a best online seller

When you decide to purchase a mattress online, you should find a best seller. Usually, people go for the online purchase for getting more discounts. Compare the products and buy the best mattress for you. When you judge all things, just call a representative before click on the "buy now " button.

11. Wish to get more or same guarantee and warranty

When you purchase a mattress online make you are getting a same guarantee and warranty what you get from a shop. Even you can expect more discounts when you purchase online. Ask the retailer whether he set you new and remove the old one or not. Some online shops arrange many facilities to grab the customers' attention. So ask all questions what you want to know.

What is the Best Mattress Brand?

Interested in buying the satisfactory mattresses for your bed and which brands are on the top?So you are at the right place.Most people want to sleep seven to nine hours at night to achieve at their peak, many people are not getting enough sleep or better quality sleep all depends on your mattresses.A good mattress should be relaxed temperature and the right amount of softness which will help you to ensure you're in peak condition by helping you get a good night's sleep.

Want to buy a good mattress.Which have the nice mattress reviews in 2016, here you will get to know. Each year new beds are out, according to the trends claiming to be theBest Rated Innerspring Mattress quality. First-hand expertise on a product from anyone who's used it day after day is vital.

What Mattress is most general?

The two most preferred Top Memory Foam mattress varieties in 2016 stay innerspring and memory foam.
Rumination foam mattresses nonetheless keep the crown in total proprietor scores, with around 80% of homeowners satisfied. The great mattresses, overall in terms of experiences tend to come back from this category.

=>Most famous Mattress

Bed with Top Latex Mattress

Innerspring beds receive simplest 63% common pride scores, nonetheless, and no longer have many looked fee a lot better than usual. Even one of the vitally best Top Latex Mattress brands available on the market top out around 70% satisfaction.

Innerspring mattresses show the most well-known in phrases of income, accounting for the majority of beds purchased. However, strong point forms are enhanced than ever, and their market share is swiftly increasing.

Bed with Fine sleep Mattress

So does that mean any memory foam bed will give fine sleep? Now not so speedy! In every category, gigantic variations exist between manufacturers, so kind on my own isn't any assurance of performance.The good news is a handful of brands stand out in remedy and value, consistently topping rankings and offering a useful starting factor for customers getting to know new beds.

Bed with Top Air Bed Mattress

Top Air Bed mattresses are more eco-pleasant plant-established reminiscence foam that is derived from soybean oils. The foam is formed making use of and environmentally-friendly Variable pressure Foaming method that produces no contaminants and outcome in a foam with a view to emit fewer unstable natural and organic compounds. Reviewers tend to have little to no fix with warmth, significantly not up to common for this class and even in comparison with spring beds.

Bed with Cloud Supreme Breeze Mattress

The Cloud Supreme makes use of each medium and excessive density memory foams. Core foam densities aren't particularly by way of the company but are estimated between 1.5-1.8 lb. This model has fewer complaints of warmness in comparison with other Tempur beds (natural in comparison with different traces). It rates lovely, well with reference to durability, even for heavier folks, and Tempurpedic has an excellent total status.

So this is the top mattress, with 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. If you want to buy the mattress for your bed then please buy this mattress which will feel you comfort and relax, let you sleep in the night.

Best Place to Buy a Mattress!!

You wish to have the mattress to preserve you in correct alignment from head to toe so that you don't wake up with a back soreness. You want the Mattress Specific Stores to give comfort to your body, which causes tossing and turning, because of this you get the best result.There are two essential explanations to look for in a brand new mattress.

What are the best places?

Makers of the noted best Sleeper. For more than 70 years, the perfect Discount StoresSleeper has stood for remedy and value. With FireBlocker science and an extraordinarily supportive innerspring, Serta builds mattresses for defense, sturdiness, and worth.

Serta mattresses characteristic extended luxurious and element, including high-performance layers similar to Kool Komfort memory Foam, Temperature regulatesLatex and others that broaden the remedy, breathability, and durability of the sleep set.

- Things to see

If you will see that a Furniture Storesmattress that maintains you in proper alignment while no longer inflicting any stress to your physique, you've discovered a just right mattress for you. There are every other minor factors to appear for. They include:

- Movement separation

You don't want to be Top Storesdisturbed with the Top Store said of your companion moving around, or coming into or out of bed.

- Temperature

You need the surface of the mattress to be much of your epidermis temperature. If a mattress is just too warm (or usually even too bloodless), that can interrupt your sleep? That is called thermoneutrality.

- Side help

You don't need to consider like you're rolling up and about should you sleep near the edge.
The main component in finding the right mattress is a correct to help. You need the mattress to push up for your body to counteract your physique weight. So that implies to get a difficult, corporation, stone-like mattress, correct?

- Body matters

Your body isn't a straight line. Whether you sleep in your again, side, or stomach, your body has curves, and a mattress must come up to aid the curves and arches of your body (just like how a good shoe may have arch help). Recollect the following picture to demonstrate:

- Mattress alignment

In the event you share your mattress, you want to slash movement transfer. In case your companion gets in or away from the bed, or alterations positions, you run the risk of being woken up if the mattress transfers an excessive amount off of that motion to your side of the bed. The mattress in the store together with your companion, and have your associate swap positions at the same time your back has grown to become to peer how much movement you feel.

- Phase aid

Ultimately, you wish to have a robust partial help in your mattress, above all, if you sleep near the edge of the bed, or sit on the threshold of the mattress customarily. Many of the traditional or better innerspring mattresses use the upgraded foam encasement around the area, but one of the very most cost-effective mattresses just uses a metal rod on the side. Foam encasement is best. Memory foam mattresses don't traditionally have a separate edge support seeing that of the character of the froth.

Additionally, for those who want to purchase a good quality mattress, please read these points before buying. So buy a good quality mattress on top brand, which provides your body relaxed and calm.


Buying a mattress considers so many factors. Customers should know their requirements and then go to buy. I always suggest you do some research before buying a mattress. It may take much time but the end of all things you will buy a good mattress for you. We expect comfortable from our mattress. I think this guide will help you buy a supportive mattress for you.